Understanding Anxiety : Creating Calm Anxiety. It's a word that keeps cropping up - in schools, in workplaces, in our communities of every kind, including nationally and globally.

For some, anxiety is a response to a specific situation (like job interviews or exams). For others, it's a constant and nagging part of everyday life.

So how do we deal with anxiety? What can we do if anxiety is creating problems in our lives, or our loved-ones lives?

Locally based Kate Finn is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, TimelineTherapist and Registered Nurse . In this insightful workshop, she is going to walk us through understanding anxiety and techniques we can use to help us create calm.

This is a free public workshop for all ages. Tickets are necessarily limited by the venue size so please claim your free ticket so we can ensure a seat for everyone. If this event is oversubscribed, we will endeavour to offer another one.

Book now for Monday 23rd September, 7pm - 8pm at The Business Hive.

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