What the ‘hive’ is coworking?!

Coworking isn’t a complicated concept – it’s just what we call it when different businesses share an office space, effectively co-working together.

The first coworking spaces came about when some small businesses figured out that sharing an office space was good for business. Not just because of sharing the costs (although that makes good sense), but good because of sharing ideas, influences, contacts, resources and so much more.

The Business Hive, in Ribble Street is our local example of what coworking is all about. Nestled next to Literacy North Otago and in front of Ara Institute it’s combining shared office space with small business education and training.

We say coworking is about the magic that happens in the space. Bringing different businesses together means we cross pollinate not just ideas but how to deliver those ideas. We share contacts, we connect people, we create opportunities that help businesses develop faster and help business owners share the load.

We’re looking for business owners to come and get involved. Everyone is welcome; big businesses and small. Our mission is to support local businesses by connecting our community. That way everyone benefits, we all work more in our sweet spots and businesses (and their people) thrive!

To find out more about coworking, visit us. Come see our working and meeting spaces for yourself and see if this could help you in your business.

This Thursday, 9th August - FREE. 22-26 Ribble Street. 9am to 5pm.

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