Discover what solar can do for you!

Whether you're in the business (trades) or simply a property owner, solar energy could be the way of the future but how do you sort fact from fiction? Ask the experts! And this October - that's become easier than ever.

Together with Barnett & MacMurray Ltd, The Business Hive is bringing some solar experts to Oamaru to provide insight and debunk some myths about solar energy. We'll be hosting two workshops; one for property owners and another more technically focused session for Trades (*please note: this session may qualify towards collection of CPD points for industry professionals.)

Meantime, let's meet our speaker - Master Environmental Solar Engineer, Eric Jansseune of EWA-TEC Limited (
Eric Jansseune is a Professional Engineer with Master degrees in Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering (ME, Antwerp). His company, Ewa-tec Ltd., was founded in 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Eric has been a New Zealand resident from Belgium since 2005. He has been actively involved in solar projects since 1990 and started his career as an Environmental Engineer in the fields of wastewater treatment and air pollution filtration. Eric has been responsible for the design and project engineering of numerous successful solar projects in many fields including;
  • passive, 
  • active,
  • solar hot water heating,
  • space heating,
  • swimming pool heating,
  • solar electric and,
  • solar cooling.
Since 1990 Eric has provided a consultation service which includes design, training and education services related to the development and installation of;
  • domestic, 
  • commercial and,
  • industrial solar applications.
The Belgian Government gave his solar house in Belgium an award winning status and he organized many open home days for schools and the general public.

As a trainer with experience in domestic, commercial and industrial solar systems, Eric organizes general or specialised workshops for architects and engineers. He has provided solar training for different educational and professional organizations throughout Belgium and New Zealand.

His solar team in New Zealand is trained to install different solar systems for various applications.
Eric Jansseune – Master Environmental Solar Engineer, EWA-TEC Limited
EWA-TEC Ltd. is an engineering company for renewable Energy, Water and Air Technologies. Activities can be summarized with design, project management, project engineering, consultancy, installation and commissioning.

To ensure that you have access to the best available information Eric will be supported through this series by:

Wimal (Wim) Wickramasuriya of Zeal Guard Limited
In collaboration with EWA-TEC Global & State of the ArtSolar Energy Products Zeal Guard provides products & services for Renewable Energy Use, Water and Air Technologies including design, project management, project engineering, consultancy, installation and commissioning.

These sessions are proudly brought to you by The Business Hive with local engineering firm:
Barnett and MacMurray LtdComputational Hydraulics Specialists

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